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Wings I've lost in dreams

(Cryptic Crossword #2)

This cryptic is a little different. It's highly inspired by The World's Tallest Cryptic by Ucaoimhu, but there are additional twists.

(Update 160707: Modified two clues to make them more fair.)


Each clue has a single answer, but that answer may appear in several places in the grid. Some letters have already been filled in for you. For the final answer, rearrange the letters from the six grey squares to obtain a pioneer.

Seven letters

Made from wings I've lost in dreams.
Colourful birds with infestations.
Social insect fills awkward silence with hymns of loyalty.
We hover, worried somebody.
Reportedly fell out of the sky and governed.
Proud to upset somebody who never graduated.
Partially applies spicy relishes.
Imply fraud with a written statement.
Hoggish earl goes after tableware from which regurgitated ale was removed.
Gee, lovely ornament.
Vocalists made out of recycled cartons.
Baked delicacies filled with a black liquid and small fingers.

Five letters

Otis abused a programming language without any signs of distress.
I boiled rice at a lower temperature.
Perhaps Darling and I've squeezed into a luxury car.
Small nut found inside a cornet.
Antiquated base next to an alien group of instrumentalists.
Dangle a part of Pedro openly.

Four letters

Gather over a repeating sequence of instructions.

Three letters

The German random number generator.
Looked up “copulative”.


Cryptic crossword #2

Download a PDF version of the grid

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Posted Wednesday 6-Jul-2016 21:53