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Aug 2022

A case against syntax highlighting

Mon 1-Aug-2022 20:10
Syntax-highlighting is a perfect example of a silly "flashy colour" phenomenon that degrades and impairs human concentration. Don't believe me? Go into *any* supermarket on this planet, and watch how *colour* is used to grab and re-direct your attention away from what is on your shopping list.

Very poor closing analogy that ruined an otherwise decent comment.

The coloring of text at the supermarket is specifically designed to call attention to itself and distract away from anything else. That is its entire purpose. There is a whole business called "marketing" built around this concept, which is totally irrelevant to the convo here.

The truth is that this type of subjective argument is as old as time. Any type of tool or feature in a development environment will have its champions and its detractors. I can remember when I started coding (back in the days when Noah was still riding around on his ark), and this same type of argument was going on over whether VT-100 terminals should always stay set at 80 characters wide because the smaller font used in the 132-character wide mode decreased legibility so much that it was distracting and ineffective. Obviously it depended on the eyesight of each individual as to whether that was true or not, but the battle lines were drawn. And the lines continue to be drawn to this day with the arrival of each new technology, programming language, or dev tool.

So if you like syntax highlighting and feel it enhances your dev workflow, use it in good health! If you find the highlighting distracting, by all means turn it off! The compilers and interpreters will be happy with the code either way.

The TTY demystified

Tue 2-Aug-2022 07:54
I'd just like to point out another awesome article about "What happens when you press a key in your terminal?" by Julia Evans (b0rk)

kind regards


Wed 10-Aug-2022 07:17
You have clearly demonstrated by your work such as Impossible Bottle that Dialog if very capable. As it stands now, is it close to full release or can we expect further beta releases in the future? In particular, can we expect future releases to cause deprecations in the current code? Thank you.