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Welcome, web wanderer!

My name is Linus Åkesson, though some of you may know me as lft. I live in Lund, Sweden.

This combined homepage, blog and file archive is bilingual. If you understand Swedish, you may wish to enable even more content by checking the corresponding box near the top of the page.

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Vivaldi Summer Presto

The Presto movement from Vivaldi's Summer performed on Commodore-based instruments. Read more.

Posted Friday 17-Nov-2023 08:53, 1 comment.

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The Datassettes

Four Commodore 1530 Datassettes get together to sing a barbershop classic. Read more.

Posted Friday 13-Oct-2023 09:45, 2 comments.

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Chuck Rock

The intro theme from Chuck Rock (Amiga version) performed with an ensemble of Commodore-based instruments. Read more.

Posted Friday 8-Sep-2023 07:32, 1 comment.

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Three PC Pieces

Here are three tunes, originally part of PC demoscene productions, now remastered and resynthesized with better sound generation code. Read more.

Posted Friday 18-Aug-2023 06:13, 0 comments.

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Glyptodont performed on the... Qwertar?

My SID tune Glyptodont performed live on a new C64-based instrument. Read more.

Posted Friday 7-Jul-2023 10:51, 10 comments.

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C64 Cartridge on a Stripboard

In this article I'll explain how to make a self-booting cartridge for the Commodore 64 using an 8-bit microcontroller on a stripboard. Read more.

Posted Friday 30-Jun-2023 12:44, 11 comments.

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Platform Hopping

Let's recreate the sound of the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System on a C64! Read more.

Posted Tuesday 13-Jun-2023 20:32, 2 comments.

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