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Pages about obfuscated programming

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The Game Of Life implemented in Brainfuck Read more.

Posted in ancient times, 64 comments.

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There are quite a few obfuscated programming languages around, but INTERCAL was arguably the first. Read more.

Posted in ancient times, 1 comment.

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Java challenge

What does the following code do — and how? Read more.

Posted Tuesday 7-Jun-2011 17:27, 7 comments.

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The Symbolic Links Virtual Machine

This is a virtual machine whose programs are expressed as directory trees containing nothing but symbolic links. Read more.

Posted in ancient times, 11 comments.

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Turtle Race implemented in Sendmail

Well, what can I say? Turtle Race was an introductory programming exercise at LTH, and Sendmail is such a bloated mail transport agent that it is possible to write small programs using its dreaded configuration file syntax. Read more.

Posted in ancient times, 0 comments.

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Vim code

Vim can be programmed, just like emacs can. But I'm not talking about the fancy-schmancy .vimrc-style scripting. I'm talking about copying parts of the buffer into registers, and then executing the contents of those registers as if they were macros. Read more.

Posted in ancient times, 17 comments.