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Glyptodont performed on the... Qwertar?
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Vivaldi Summer Presto

The Presto movement from Vivaldi's Summer performed on Commodore-based instruments.

Vivaldi's summer storm is one of the most prominent roots of the heavy-metal genre. Many people have performed the piece on electric guitar, but here I'm adding my own 8-bit twist.

The bass (cello) part is performed on a plain breadbin C64 running Qwertuoso. The solo violin and second violin parts are performed on the C=tar. The viola part is reproduced using floppy-drive noise while the Amiga adds drums and a little bit of Kalimba.

All the software was, appropriately enough, realised using bare-metal programming.

Posted Friday 17-Nov-2023 08:53

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Paul Smith
Fri 17-Nov-2023 16:26
I thought the two-handed key tapping you are doing at points like at ~0:50 resembles Eddie van Halen's finger-tapping technique on the guitar, which feels very appropriate for this piece. Very cool!