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SID theme search engine

Finally! The SID theme finder has been resurrected and upgraded to modern HVSC path names.

This is a musical search engine for SIDs.

Please enter a melody, using the following syntax:

Keyboard with note names

You may use wildcards. A dot (".") matches any note, and a star ("*") matches anything.

(For instance, "feDdfeDdfeDdfeDdfedAa" will find Commando.)

The database was generated from the High Voltage SID Collection v4.6.

Note: This search engine is rather coarse; it will probably return several SIDs that don't sound even remotely like the one you're looking for, and chances are it won't find the one you really want. However, checking out 20 random search results is far better than having to listen to the entire HVSC just to find a tune.

How does it work? ...and why doesn't it find my favourite SID?

Posted Tuesday 29-Jan-2008 06:36

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Mon 4-Aug-2008 22:11
It will useful if you will create Flash-object with interactive music keyboard.
Fri 3-Jul-2009 03:36
You could use this technology to automatically find loop points (the longest repeat of the time examined). Now we can have a player with a working time-slider and DJ mixing.
Also, this can solve a big problem of dups in HSVC.
You can leave only the shortest (code) version of dup'ed tunes.
You could also find extended/remixed versions or similiarity matching. You could convert to MIDI.
Fri 3-Jul-2009 03:42
You could also quantize notes to perfectize tunes, with buggy players. You could auto-classify 2x players etc. You could auto-detect digis and extract to wav. The problem of melodies bouncing between channels is easily solved - on the other hand, you can intentionally bounce between channels for stereo play mode. You can convert all sidtunes to a universal player format. Try making a universal data format of time,register,value triplets. Compress intelligently. I can imagine algorithms to compress very well....
Sun 30-Nov-2014 03:03
Very nice little thing. Way better than other search engines in my opinion as you can control the input better. And the database is whopping large!
Alexander Popov
Fri 23-Jan-2015 10:35
What's the tune playing around 7:00? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-TDbSQzWJE
Linus Åkesson
Fri 23-Jan-2015 11:02

xaerox wrote:

What's the tune playing around 7:00? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-TDbSQzWJE

Wait for the melody (at 7:28). Type it into the search engine: "agegaagechaed". There is only a single result, "DNA Warrior", and it is correct.
Wed 18-Mar-2020 00:46
Have you seen the latest DeepSID implementation? Wow. Mind you it doesn't always run well on phones, or my Thinkpad, but there are various SID emulators to choose from (upper left menu)- some run more lean than others.

Fri 5-Feb-2021 04:27
i did not intend to report abuse
Sun 7-Jan-2024 03:35
Hah, this actually worked quite well for me, very cool!